The youth (aged 18-34) make up the bulk of South Africa’s total population, constituting almost a third of the country’s population. From demographic point of view, this calls for a paradigm shift towards the recognition and support of the youth to harness their potential by building capacity for quality education and skills improvement, health and well-being, employment opportunities, leadership skills, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

This is the basis for the prioritization of youth development by Umvini Foundation. The foundation is not-for-profit youth organization incorporated in South Africa as a company that believe communities must foster a culture that builds on the strengths of young people to be sustainable.

Established in 2021 as a non-profit corporation, Umvini Foundation seeks to provide mentoring and training programs for high school level, tertiary level, young professionals and entrepreneurial youth in KwaZulu Natal.   Umvini Foundation’s has found it’s fundamental to foster a commitment to young people that will develop fulfilling lives through meaningful relationships, promote strong interpersonal skills and reassert a sense of hope in the future.


A self-reliant youth community who remain in the same wavelength with the modern democratic society.


To build conscious and capable society by facilitating personal development of the individual member.


Career Counselling and Orientation Programme

  • Career Exhibition
  • Application Assistance Program
  • Orientation

Academic Assistance and Mentorship Programme

  • A personal mentor
  • Student Funding Support
  • Collection of statistical data
  • Private bursaries and other funding schemes
    Leadership Development Programme
    Business Awareness Programme

Recognition of Excellence Awards

  • Umvini Leadership Award
  • The Unsung Leader Award.
  • The Visionary Award




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Account Name Umvini Humane Foundation
Account Number 6288 5687 669
Account Type Business Account
Full Name of the Bank First National Bank
Branch Code 222726
Branch Address Greyville, Durban


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